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We all are familiar with the concept of home insurance and its comprehensive coverage. You may already be covered by someone like One Sure Insurance, but you may not realise exactly what you can or can’t be covered for. Many times, your insurance also covers various elements and belongings in your home. Some of the common things your home insurance covers are your jewelry, your electronics and speciality equipment, your collectibles and artwork, and your pets, to see a full list of exactly what a home insurance policy can cover go to You can also make claims for certain home damages that could be caused over a period of time.

Let’s take a look at the common causes of home damage that offer home insurance claims.

home insurance claims

1. Water damage

If there is ever a large discharge of water in your home, then your property insurance will take care of it. This includes water damage due to waterline breaks or leakage or overflow of any of your appliances. Your insurance policy should already clearly specify the types of water damage for which you can stake a claim. In some cases, the water damage gradually leads to a full-fledged structural damage. Repairing this type of water damage can burn a hole in your pocket. Most insurance companies refer to this type of damage as damage caused by ‘clean water’. So the source of water should not be from the ground or sewer.

2. Damage from sewer backup

Unlike damage caused from ‘clean water’, the damage caused by sewer backup results from ‘dirty water’. This includes water coming into your home from pipes, drains, septic tanks, eavestroughs or down spouts. Sewer back-up can happen for a variety of reasons but the most common is when rain or melting snow overwhelms the city sewer system.

3. Overland flooding

Overland flooding occurs when water overflows onto dry land from a body of water causing damage to homes and cars. This is a type of flood that results from the level of water outside of your home rising, allowing water to enter your home.

4. Structural damage

Structural damage can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Your home insurance mostly covers some of them. For example, damage caused to accidental fire, theft, gradual water damage that compromises the structural strength of your home, etc. Some insurance companies call home insurance as property or casualty insurance and the causes for structural damage each of them cover may vary. These claims are helped by having outdoor home security cameras because they will be able to show things like theft or arson.

These are some of the home damages for which you can make home insurance claims. Connect with us to know more about the types of home damages that can be claimed under your home insurance policy.


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