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Zenon Panels

Zenon Panels

For people looking for the perfect wall cladding or insulating material for their building’s interiors, Zenon panels can be an excellent choice. This material is ideal for practically any residential and commercial applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, ventilation facades, office cubicles, rooms, and a lot more.

But why are Zenon panels considered to be the best choice? Here are some of the advantages that make them ideal for any project.

Design Freedom

Talking from the design perspective, Zenon panels offer a wide range of variety. They can be installed in any form and shape you can imagine. If you want carvings, mouldings, waves, angles, curves, or any other design setting, you can expect the same from Zenon panels. These panels use a thermoformable material, and that means that you can shape them in any possible way in order to develop a project. Plus, you can create panels in practically any colour.

Highly Resistant

Another advantage of Zenon panels is that they are highly resistant to a lot of tough external factors, thanks to the special design braided steel truss system. Zenon has maximum resistance against high and low temperatures, bangs or scratching, natural factors such as storms and earthquakes, fire outbreak, UV ray impact, and chemical substances. The panels don’t crack or collapse due to these impacts, and integrity is also not affected.

Low Maintenance

We all know that traditional walls require timely maintenance and coatings to preserve their beauty and integrity. But this need for extra maintenance is eliminated in Zenon panels. Zenon is naturally antibacterial, and there is no need to apply any chemical additive. And if Zenon panels begin to wear out over time, a simple repair of sanding can make the surface look perfect and new again in just a few minutes and with minimum cost.

Cost-efficient Insulation

As we saw that these panels are highly resistant to a wide variety of factors, we can say that Zenon panels are highly durable. Also, because they hardly require any additional maintenance throughout its functional years, they are highly economic wall insulation option, rather the most cost-efficient option compared to all other insulation types. It also eliminates the costs of the block wall and thermal insulation.

Easy Installation

The installation of water and electricity systems are convenient. These lines or tubes can be easily passed through the gap between the thick polystyrene material (EPS) and steel mesh. Talking about installing the panels, Zenon material is only used as an adhesive to weld or join two Zenon panels. This results in jointless or invisible joints. Also, installing panels and other systems together isn’t a tricky job. Just call your Zenon skilled labour, and they’ll do it for you.

Apart from these, Zenon panels are lightweight and don’t consume a lot of space. This means that with Zenon panels, you can expect less weight of walls and about 20-25 cm space in every linear meter of the wall. All these benefits are enough for you to consider this material for your next project.

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