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Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a highly versatile and rough material. If you are confused whether you should choose this material for your concrete floor coatings, then we’d suggest you pick epoxy and not any other alternative. Why? Here are some valid reasons for the same.

Highly Resistant Surface

The foremost benefit of using epoxy floor coating is that it is highly resistant to about anything. These coatings maintain the integrity of the floor beneath when exposed to chemicals, acids, cleaners, oils, fluids, fuel, etc. as these agents can’t penetrate through the coating and affect the quality of concrete. Besides, epoxy coatings are resistant to heat, water, and germs. Thus, people consider epoxy as an excellent option for floors of manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial plants, garages, etc.

Extremely Durable Flooring

Epoxy itself is a highly durable material. When epoxy cures, it becomes solid and hard. Epoxy coatings turn every kind of floor into durable and high-performance surfaces. When installed correctly, it can last for several decades without cracking, peeling, or any other structural damage. Concrete floors that are coated with epoxy in an industrial setting become exceptionally durable, and they tend to remain tough for a very long time. Not every floor coating type can take excessive weight and traffic.

Completely Protective Coatings

Being highly resistant and durable, epoxy easily protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks. This eliminates the need for maintaining and cleaning the concrete surface and also reduces costs related to them. By installing the coating, you can clean your floors with minimal chemicals and sometimes no chemicals at all. This means that the epoxy coating protects the concrete floor from harmful chemicals as well.

Smooth Commercial Functioning

Coating your concrete floors with epoxy instantly adds luster and gloss to the surface. The glossy coatings can also improve brightness in a work area by 300%. But epoxy coatings also facilitate smooth and fast material and machine movement in commercial settings. This means that just by coating your flooring, you can boost functioning and productivity at work.

Aesthetically Appealing Floors

When looking for decorative and aesthetically appealing flooring, epoxy can be an ideal choice. Epoxy is available in different colors and patterns. You can install these coatings in countless traditional or personalized patterns and designs. Moreover, every design or pattern you choose will always look elegant and shiny.

Environment-friendly Solution

Most contractors prefer using epoxy coating over any other coating type as is an environmentally friendly choice. These coating materials are generally made with organic resins and no solvents, which means they are the “green” option for making tough flooring. And when epoxy-coated surfaces reflect light, you can reduce the watts or the number of lights you have in your facility.

Now that you know that epoxy coating is ideal for your concrete floors, all you have to do is find the right workforce to install them. Feel free to contact our epoxy floor installers as we can offer color and pattern solutions unique to your commercial space.

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