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In the world of architecture, stonework has a special place. It not only looks classy and elegant but is also a functional option for the exteriors of your home. Opting for stonework means low maintenance, uncompromised durability. Plus, having stone veneer siding can add to your curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home. However, over a period of time, stone veneers tend to get damaged. Most of us tend to ignore these external damages and that eventually leads to expensive repairs.

Stone veneer problems

In order to avoid things from escalating to this level, it is imperative that you call repair services for these exterior damages to stone. Here are a list of stone veneer problems, when you should immediately call for a professional stone repair service company.

Water damage

In some cases, the stone veneer siding is not installed properly. This gives way to moisture problems. Ideally, stone veneer siding needs to be installed after leaving a 4 inch gap from the ground. There also needs to be a 2 inch gap to any paving for steps or patios. When this is not done properly, the contact point of the stone veneer with ground starts rotting. If you ignore this, then the damage can spread upwards leaving the entire installation damaged.

Damage due to rusting metal cramps

Metal cramps are used to hold stones together. It is like a ‘staple’ that ensures that the stones are in the right place. When these metal cramps rust, they expand. If, the metal cramps are not waterproof, then prolonged exposure to moisture will lead them to rust and eventually break the stone.

Damage due to plant growth

Sometimes, there can be moss and plant growth on horizontal paths of stone such as string courses and cornices. Small windblown seeds can lodge in open joints in the stone. Root growth can then cause severe damage. If you notice plant growth on your stone siding, then get a professional to protect projecting stone cornices and string courses with leadwork.

These were some of the most common types of stone veneer problems that require your immediate attention. Have you been facing any of these issues? Reach out to us today!

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