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Gypsum Concrete

Gypsum is a mineral that has been used in building materials for decades now. But when combined with concrete to form gypsum concrete, the material is still misunderstood. Despite its growth in the last 40 years, gypcrete isn’t considered to be the best option for floor underlayment. A lot of people have countless myths about gypsum concrete that…

Structural Damages

Are you suddenly noticing a weird crack or a lot of termites in a particular part of your building? As soon as you see some issues in the walls, ceiling, flooring, or around the foundation, your building will require professional solutions, something like waterproofing services or structural repair work. But to be able to opt for…

Foundation Problems

The strength and stability of any building lie in its foundation. The main purposes of the foundation are to hold the structure above it and keep the structure upright. In other words, the foundation acts as an anchor! But seasonal changes can put pressure on the foundations leading to many problems. Foundation repairs come with a…

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