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Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems

The strength and stability of any building lie in its foundation. The main purposes of the foundation are to hold the structure above it and keep the structure upright. In other words, the foundation acts as an anchor! But seasonal changes can put pressure on the foundations leading to many problems.

Foundation repairs come with a lot of time, money, and of course, headaches! The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more you damage the building, risking the people on site. This is why it’s crucial to recognize the signs of foundation problems and to find an effective solution.

Poor Pre-Construction

During the building’s construction, the uppermost level of the soil needs to support the foundation fully. If the soil is not compacted enough, the foundation will shift due to impact. The type of soil also contributes to the stability of your foundation. Poor structurally engineered designs and wet concrete foundations can also contribute to poor pre-construction issues.

Oversaturation of the Soil

The ground around your building can become oversaturated with water. Here are some reasons of how this happens.

Plumbing leaks – When there are any plumbing leaks, the water can easily erode the soil under the foundation. This may result in the foundation to move and crack with time.

Improper or broken drainage – If the drainage of the building does not direct away from the building, it can start to pool around the foundation during heavy rains, again resulting in poor foundation.

Undersaturation of the Soil

Dry soil also contributes to the foundation’s problems. The soil can be dry due to:

  • Hot, dry winds
  • Heat
  • Drought

When the soil does not retain any moisture, it begins to shrink. When the soil shrinks, the foundation gets space to shift, resulting in cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings over time.

Tree Roots Leading to Foundations

When there is a plumbing leak, it saturates the soil to the extent that the roots of the neighboring trees discover the area. As the tree roots follow any source of moisture, they slowly grow into the foundation cracks created by the water. When this happens, the tree roots may absorb all the water from beneath a home causing the soil to shrink, thus leading to issues that may require extreme foundation repair. It is essential to address the plumbing leaks as soon as possible and keep the trees near the foundation watered.

From residential to commercial properties, at Eilers Constructions & Consulting, we build foundations from simple to lavish homes and offices. Contact ECC-Crete to get more information on foundation repair for your structural project.

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