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Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are the most popular ones nowadays, mainly because they are durable and resilient. They will not have dents due to moving large furniture or machinery around. Besides all the pros, there are several myths about concrete floors that are certainly not true. Take a look at what are the false assumptions of concrete floors.

Myth #1. Concrete Floors are Expensive

This is not at all true! Concrete floors are not only less expensive than the other types of flooring like tiles and ceramic, but the customizations are also cheaper than those. You can get a variety of textures and colours at less price, and have it last longer than the usual flooring options. You can expect the coated or polished finishing options at the same price. Additionally, concrete restorations are much more comfortable to install and inexpensive than other flooring options.

Myth #2. Concrete Floors Lack Variety

You have acid staining options to make concrete floors look more attractive. You can also opt for a wood appearance according to your choice. This type is called woodcrete, which gives the concrete floor the illusion of wood. Epoxy finish is yet another popular option which provides the floor with a finish that will not readily chip or fade away. As mentioned above, you have a variety of textures and classic colours to pick from, and no the list doesn’t finish there, there are also plenty of other options such as looking at different Polished Concrete options too! The possibilities with concrete don’t end once it’s been poured.

Myth #3. Concrete Floors Will Crack Easily

This myth is the most common one that people believe. People believe this myth because they regularly see the dents and damages on the streets, roads, and sidewalks. The reason is the extreme pressures of weather and vehicles like trucks which require multiple concrete restorations in a year. Interior concrete floors in commercial spaces tend to survive high pressures of large pieces of furniture as well. They won’t easily crack as concrete is a durable material. Not only this but during installation, concrete floors are coated and sealed. You can also have them re-sealed periodically to maintain the concrete floors and make them last for a long time.

Myth #4. Concrete Floors Get Cold

They may or may not get cool in extremely cold weather. It is uncertain due to the type of cement used. All kinds of flooring options get cool in cold climates. To avoid walking on the cold floor, you have options like using carpets or radiant floor heat. Install radiant floor heat under the concrete floor during construction so you will not need concrete restoration. In case you have a constructed structure, you can have concrete restoration by a good construction company. Radiant heat helps you to increase or decrease the temperature, as and when you wish to. Concrete flooring is preferable for radiant floor heat as it absorbs the heat and transfers it to surface. Radiant floors have two options; one is electric radiant, and two is hydronic radiant. If your flooring is still feeling especially cold, there may be a problem with your heating system. If in doubt, you can always contact a professional heating service similar to the service offered by this company: A heating specialist may be able to determine if your heating system is the issue.

The myths are debunked, and you can now liberally opt for concrete floors. Contact a reputed construction company and get concrete floors installed in your commercial space immediately.

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