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Cultured Stones Canada

While you spend time, effort, and resources to keep yourself clean, it is important to replicate those efforts in your home as well. But when it comes to your granite stone flooring, do you know how to go about cleaning it? Is your current way of cleaning the best one? Read on to find out how to clean granite stone and other stones the right way.

Cultured Stones Canada

Step 1: Getting Rid of Dirt

Use a liquid dishwashing soap or a mild cleaning product with a neutral pH on a soft microfibre cloth. Do this with some cold water and then gently rub it on all the stains. Scrub it in the direction of the grain in straight lines. While doing this, make sure you don’t rub the cloth in a circular direction to avoid any damage to your granite stone or cultured stone flooring. Once this is done, use a dry cloth and wipe the area.

Step 2: Mopping the Granite Stone Floor

You can mop the granite floor just the way you would any other flooring. Dip a soft, clean mop in a bucket of warm water mixed with a dishwashing soap and mop the floor in soft, gentle strokes. Then repeat the same procedure by replacing the warm water in the bucket with plain cold water sans the dishwasher. Lastly, wipe the floor with a clean, dry cloth. You could look at using something like a Bissell vacuum cleaner which can vacuum, wash and dry your floors. Find them here –

What not to use on your granite stone or cultured stone flooring

Granite is natural material and can easily get damaged if not taken care. So make sure you avoid all conventional floor cleaning products for your granite stone flooring. If you have marble flooring, then avoid using ceramic tile cleaners as they tend to dull the marble. Refrain from using highly acidic or alkaline detergents. And resist the temptation of running your vacuum cleaner over your granite stone flooring as the wheels and hoses can scratch your flooring.

If you wish to know more about maintaining your granite stone flooring, then get in touch with us at the earliest. We are experts in the field of construction and provide a wide range of services such as concrete floor repairs, self-leveling concrete, stone manufacturing and installing, and custom stonework.

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