Concrete is one of the most durable flooring options but it does undergo its fair share of wear and tear over a period of time. At times, this can be fixed with a fresh layer of coating or concrete polishing. However, when there is structural damage, you have to seek help from a concrete professional.

Over the years, we have witnessed different kinds of damage on concrete floors. Some of them are:

? Dents caused by heavy objects falling on the floor

? Damage resulting from freezing, thawing and moisture

? Cracks that develop due to exposure of extreme temperatures

? Damage caused by inefficient sealing or curing in lower temperatures

? Stains due to chemical or oil spills on floors that do not have a proper coating

Concrete Floors and Repairs

We provide repair solutions for all these problems. Some of the benefits of our services include lower maintenance costs, durable and long lasting finish, chemical resistance, faster turnaround, warranty, less odors, and vapor mitigation underlayment.

We first evaluate the condition of your flooring and then determine a suitable repair plan for it. For minor issues, we undertake sealing and patching. But if the damage is far beyond repair, then we recommend our clients opt for concrete replacement. Our team will remove the old concrete, replace it with new concrete and give it a good.

Crack Chasing and Joint Filling

We use the best epoxy and polyurea to fill the cracks and joints for crack chasing and joint filling. We fix the problem permanently

Concrete Shaving and Scarifying

Concrete shaving and scarifying is a quick fix, yet permanent solution, for your damaged concrete flooring. Scarifiers are multi-purpose: they can be used to cut down concrete using metal flails; then by changing the blades, they can be used to lay down mastics or other coatings.

Our work is conducted under a stringent timetable ensuring the project is completed on time. Contact us for a quote.