Performing custom stonework related projects is one of our most challenging, and favorite, tasks. That’s because each slab of rock is different. At Eilers Construction, we have extensive experience in providing custom stone work services and are leading experts in the field of stonework and hardscape. We carefully balance each stone to create a balanced aesthetic for your home or building.

Be it commercial or residential, our experts have the perfect stonework solution for you. Some of the stonework styles we provide include cultured, veneer and realstone. When it comes to exterior renovations, professionally installed stonework can give your home a rustic look. Custom stone work has a variety of applications such as walkway systems, stone walls, decorative walls, patio, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and pool decks to name a few.

Below is a list of our offerings in the area of custom stonework:

Entryway Design

Good curb appeal goes a long way in increasing the overall value of your home, and a good real estate agent can recognize this for the future selling of your property (to find a good real estate agent, search for real estate agents near me). And what better way to do it than with custom stonework. Be it walkway systems or paver driveways, our craftsmen can enhance your entryway for maximum visual appeal and quality. If your siding on your exterior needs to be replaced first in other areas, you may want to get in contact with a siding replacement contractor to discuss what to do next.

Custom Stone Work
Entryway Design

Exterior features

We can accentuate and modernize any exterior or interior facade to make your business or living area beautiful and welcoming to customers and guests. Decorative block walls, stone walls, and patios are some of the key external projects we undertake.


We can design and build your outdoor fireplace and firepits from scratch. If you have an existing fireplace and would like it renovated or refaced, we can professionally build an artistic and modern structure.


We can add life to your home with beautiful stone walls and decorative walls. Stone walls tend to have an old-world charm that make it seem like a scene from a period drama from the 18th century.

Water projects

Eilers construction can create beautiful water projects to accentuate your golf course, recreational area or waterway. We make sure to cater to all your design requirements.

With Eilers Construction, you not only gain access to professional services but you also access quality work. Our work is conducted under a stringent timetable to ensure that the project is completed on time. Reach out to us to discover how we can help you.