We understand the importance of leveled, durable and aesthetically appealing concrete floors and provide leveling services for your concrete flooring.

Concrete floors can become uneven due to many factors. Uneven floors become a problem when you need to lay stone, wood or tile floor. Uneven surfaces can be hazardous in industrial setups. Self-leveling is the answer to these problems.

Typically, self-levelling concrete can be used in two different ways.

Self-Leveling Concrete


We measure its suitability and durability to assess whether it can be self-leveled. If the assessment is positive, then we do the underlayment if the floor has grooves or is heavily pitted. This method can add a great finish and prepare the floor for other coatings.


Your flooring can be overlayed with a thickness of as little as a feather edge or as much as 3 inches in depth. You can apply all kinds of performance coatings after overlaying it.

Self-leveling is like a primer for walls. It is a base prep for coloring, dying or polishing your floor. This process eliminates the need for troweling. It provides for a smooth, strong and uniform surface for further aesthetic and performance improvements.

Our Process

We first clean your floor with a vacuum and then give the surface a light sponging. We then apply a suitable primer based on the surface area. The next step involves mixing and pouring out the self leveling compound bearing in mind the highs and lows on the surface. Lastly, we give the flooring the required finishing touches.

With several years of experience in the industry, our tradesmen are well-equipped to handle all kinds of flooring specific challenges to give you the best results. Contact us for a Quote.

We will also with SpeedMix manufacture this products. We are on new formulation which will change the market for the future. Product will be 40% lighter than the products which are right now available on the market. Also with our unique machine program (from Germany) we are more efficient to complete projects in a shorter time.

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