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Structural Damages

Structural Damages

Are you suddenly noticing a weird crack or a lot of termites in a particular part of your building? As soon as you see some issues in the walls, ceiling, flooring, or around the foundation, your building will require professional solutions, something like waterproofing services or structural repair work. But to be able to opt for these solutions, you must first understand various structural damages and their causes. Listed below are some most obvious structural flaws.

Cracked Foundation

If you have a crack, or cracks, in your building’s foundation, you have a problem. Even a small horizontal or vertical crack can be a sign of something big. Too much water or not enough water in the soil can cause cracks in the foundation. Excessive water in the soil can exert hydrostatic pressure on the walls, causing them to lean or bow into the basement. Too little water and the soil will contract, leaving little support for the foundation wall. If you see water pooling around the foundation of your building, opt for professional waterproofing services immediately to avoid seepage of water in the soil.

Sagging Roofs

Your roofing generally lasts for anywhere between 15-30 years. But if there are signs of damage to the roof in any way, with it being as simple as getting in touch with roofing companies round rock tx, or local companies to you, it would be better to get the roof fixed sooner rather than later. This way, this could prevent further damage.

Sagging or bowing of roofs inwards is an indication that there are some issues with the roof structure. This can be due to incorrect sizing of framing lumber, termite damage, overloading of the supporting members over time, or poor workmanship. Irrespective of the cause, if you don’t address the roofing or contact someone like Omaha roofing company to assess the situation, it may collapse and lead to accidents.

Gaps Between Walls

When you see light passing through the wall joints, it means that there is a serious issue. Sagging floor joists or foundation settling can cause exposed gaps between internal and external walls. Both of these issues, especially foundation settling due to ground changes can have severe consequences if not tackled on time.

Unpleasant Mildew Growth

That unpleasant blackish, greyish, or greenish growth on your building’s walls and ceiling can be a sign of ignored water damage. Your walls or ceiling have absorbed moisture, and these ugly vegetations are feeding on that moisture. Such growth also increases your chances of getting skin irritations and respiratory problems. You will need an in-depth dehumidifying and waterproofing services to get rid of mildew layers and excessive moisture from your building’s structure. If the water damage is persistent or severe, it might be worth contacting austin roofing companies as some will deal with water damage.

Concrete Spalling

Concrete spalling refers to crumbling of concrete surfaces. Exposure to excessive moisture or salts in the environment can result in concrete crumbling. Salts and chlorides are absorbed by the concrete which causes a chemical reaction within the concrete, resulting in crystal formation. These crystals expand with time, applying pressure on concrete surfaces. The salts absorbed also react with internal metal reinforcement and corrode them. Crystal expansion and corrosion both break the bond of internal materials and result in spalling.

Luckily, there are solutions for most of these structural damages if you identify and address them on time. Just call our complete repair specialists, and we’ll start working on any type of structural damage that your building has.

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