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Gypecrete Edmonton

Gypcrete or gypsum concrete is a popular building material used as a floor underlayment. It is commonly used in wood-frame and concrete construction for fire ratings, sound reduction, radiant heating and floor leveling. Chemically it is made up of gypsum plaster, Portland plaster, and sand.

Gypecrete Edmonton

Recently, commercial gypcrete is gaining a lot of popularity due to its benefits over other construction materials. It is, therefore, becoming the ideal choice for many architects and designers who use it in floorings, for multi-storey buildings and multi-storey units. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using commercial gypcrete in flooring.


To begin with, it is relatively lightweight compared to traditional concrete or any other flooring option. When you use heavy flooring, it increases the weight of every floor that is piled on top of another. A 1.5 inch gypcrete slab weighs around 13 pounds per sq. ft. This is much lighter than traditional concrete which weighs 18 pounds with the same size. Lightweight flooring reduces the pressure on the building’s framework. It makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Easy to install

Unlike a lot of other building materials, gypcrete is quick and easy to install. With commercial gypcrete, you can cover a surface area as large as 20,000 sq. ft. in a single day. And within 48 hours, professionals like Cutting Edge Flooring can work on the finishing touches of the flooring. This in turn reduces the time involved in the process and speeds up the overall construction work so that you can start using the property as quickly as possible.


Considering the fact that it is easy-to-install, time-efficient and does not require a lot of tradespersons to install; gypcrete is a lot more affordable than traditional concrete. In case of traditional concrete, you have to pay for the material, specialized tools, and for many hours of labor. Commercial gypcrete is thus affordable, which automatically makes it a popular choice for construction professionals.

Partially fire resistant

Gypcrete flooring can offer a 2-hour fire barrier, in case of a mishap. It slows down the speed at which a fire can engulf an entire property. This can give residents much-needed time to rescue themselves and call for help. To add to that, gypcrete is a material that complies with the fire codes.

Therefore, gypcrete flooring is a popular flooring option. Are you looking for professionals to do your flooring? Consult with our experts to know more.[/column]

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